IDX Manager Steps

In flexmls, go to Preferences>IDX Manager


*You can also get to the IDX Manager by using the Quick Launch box on the top-left of your screen.


Once you are in the IDX Manager click on New(top-right) to create a link

Step 1: Select Link Name and Type select the type of IDX link you wish to create…

Link Type Description

My Listings

Display your current listings.

Quick Search

Selecting quick search as your link type will allow you to choose one of your quick search templates. A quick search template contains the fields you wish to allow your visitors to search the MLS with. These templates can be created and edited under Preferences>My Quick Searches.

Saved Search

The saved search link type will allow you to select any custom search you have created under Search>Saved Searches. Unlike a quick search, in a saved search link, you are pre-selecting the criteria for the user (i.e. Residential listings from $100k-$250k).

Roster Search

If the flexmls IDX link is for your office site, you can use this link type to allow visitors to search for agents in your office.

Show in “My Search” on portal dashboard – By checking this box, it will be added to your portal users’ “My Search” menu in their account.


At any time you can preview your progress by clicking on (preview IDX search)

Default Search – The default search will determine what search template is used by default in the Customer Portal when the user clicks on the New Search link. This feature will only be available to those who use the full Flexmls IDX product, not the Flexmls 2.0 Lite version.

There are two places to set the default search in the Flexmls IDX manager, on the My Links tab or on when editing the Link for a specific search.

From the My Links tab, you can select a default search by clicking the button in the Default Search column for a specific search. Only one search can be selected as the default search.

From My Links Tab2

You can also select the default search when on the Link Editor tab for a specific search. Select the check box for Default Search on portal dashboard under step one.

Link Editor Tab

The default search is the search that appears on the Portal dashboard when the user selects New Search from the Menu. From here the user can look at the search results,edit the search, save the search, or view a different area of the portal.

Portal New Search

The default search can also be accessed by clicking the My Search link on the user’s account page.

My Search Link

Additional searches that are marked as Show in “My Search” in the IDX Manager, can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the New Search link.

New Search Drop Down

Step 2: Select Search Options

Quick Search or Saved Search – The drop down list will display all the quick search/saved searches you have available for your link. Notice when you make a selection the Link Name changes in Step 1.

Map Search – Checking the map search option will allow users to use the map in the Edit Search tab. If you wish to set the Map tab to display first, go to Step 5 and set the start position to Map.

Step 3: Select Data Display Options

Report Type – When a user clicks on a listing, they will be directed to the Detail tab with additional listing information. The report type(template) determines what data will display and how it will look.

Custom reports can be created under Preferences>My Reports.

Listing View – Here you will select the view template for the list tab. A View is a set of columns of information that display on the search results page (List tab). You can edit and create view templates under Preferences>My Views. You can also go directly to the view editor by clicking on (change).

Disable mini grid mode – By checking this setting, you will automatically minimize the mini grid that displays on the left of the listing info tabs – Details, Photos, Map etc.
Enabled Mini Grid Mode
Disabled Mini Grid Mode

Step 4: Select Background Color and Branding

Business Card – Business Cards are a type of Block that includes contact information. You can select Generic Card to display the primary contact information in your flexmls profile.

*Custom business cards can be created under Preferences>My Reports. If you do not want to display a business card, select None.

Branding Orientation – This option allows you to select where you want the business card to display in your link.

Accent Background Color – Here you can select a background color for your business card. Click on the white box to display the color picker. You can also enter a custom color by entering HSB, RGB or Color Hex values..

Step 5: Select Start Position and Tabs

Start Position – This will allow you to select which tab you want to display when a user opens the link.

Show These Tabs – Here you can add or remove the tabs that display in your IDX link.

Allow Searching Of – Under the Edit Search tab you have 4 search fields: Pictures, Videos, Documents and Open House Date. Uncheck the item to remove it from the Edit Search tab. 

Step 6: Portal Registration

If you do not see step 6 in your IDX manager, your flexmls portal has not been activated. You can activate your portal by going to Preferences>My Portal Preferences, name the portal, turn Status to ON and click Save.

When your portal is turned on, users will be able to sign up on your flexmls portal and

their contact information will be added to your contact manager in the flexmls system.

Show registration – This gives you options to force user registration in your link.

Allow visitors to skip the above registration option – If you have selected any of the show registration options, this option will allow the user to click cancel and continue to search. 

See Lead Generation page for more details

When you have completed the steps, click on I’m Ready! Save This Link!


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